In the Concept of development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan up to 2020, drawn up on the basis of the strategy “Kazakhstan-2030”, tourism is considered as one of the important areas in the social and economic development of the country.

In the implementation of the provisions of the industrial-innovative development of the economy of Kazakhstan, the leading role belongs to the system of domestic clusters. A special place among them is the tourist cluster. Five zones have been identified that will later become centers and locomotives of the domestic tourist industry. This is a kind of division of the country into zones that are most attractive in terms of creating the tourist infrastructure of a particular thematic specialization. One of these zones is Western Kazakhstan with its center in Aktau, which, as suggested by the authors of the tourist concept of Kazakhstan, may well occupy a niche of beach tourism and position itself as the “Caspian Riviera”.

The main goal of developing tourism in Kazakhstan is to create a modern, highly efficient and competitive tourist complex, on the basis of which conditions will be provided for the development of the industry as a sector of the economy, integration into the global tourist market system and the development of further international cooperation in the field of tourism.

The Mangystau College of Tourism is the only educational institution in the republic today that is entrusted with the task of training specialists for organizing the hotel industry and restaurant business, coordinating the provision of hotel, restaurant and tourist organizations with personnel.

“The main criterion for the success of educational reform is the achievement of a level where any citizen of our country, having received the appropriate education and qualifications, can become an in-demand specialist in any country in the world,” said President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev in his Message to the People.

The mission of the Mangistau College of Tourism is to prepare and provide the region with highly qualified specialists in the tourism industry who are able to react flexibly to changes in the surrounding world and actively influence the scientific, technical, socio-economic and cultural development of the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The objectives for the implementation of the mission of the Mangystau College of Tourism are:

– improvement of the educational process, as well as management processes;

– training highly qualified, competitive specialists in the modern labor market;

– ensuring sustainable growth of scientific and technical, socio-economic and cultural development of the region.

The priorities (objectives) of the development of the college are in accordance with the State Program for the Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

– creation and implementation of the concept of obtaining knowledge, based on the principle of accessibility;

– fostering patriotism, culture and respect for human rights and freedoms;

– improving the quality of training of highly qualified specialists;

– participation in a single educational space and ensuring the compliance of Kazakhstan’s technical and vocational education with world standards;

– integration of training with production;

– improving the quality of teaching and methodological and scientific support and the educational process;

– strengthening the material and technical base of the college and cooperation with leading industrial organizations of the region, with leading domestic and foreign academic and educational institutions and centers, etc.

The main strategic goal of the GKKP Mangystau College of Tourism is the high quality of educational services, the development of priority areas of the college’s activities that meet modern advanced requirements for the system of technical and vocational education.

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